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Who we Serve

  • Corporations »

    We have been delivering results to Groups and Companies (ranging from middle-market businesses to complex multinational organizations) to compete more effectively, improving operations and succeeding in any economic situation.
  • Private Equity Investors »

    We serve the Private Equity Industry in any economic environment and support them in any step of the transaction lifecycle.
  • Distressed Borrowers and Lenders »

    We support Distressed Borrowers and Lenders in their interests in contentious situations. Our Turnaround and Restructuring expertise allows them to maximize value and reach optimized solutions.
  • Law Firms »

    We work with global and local Law Firms when they need a trusted partner to deliver for clients in high stakes situations, including restructuring, change of control, disputes and complex claims.
  • Government Agencies »

    We work with the appropriate Government Organizations to solve complex industrial situations, moreover we help local public Authorities to analyze their operations, seize opportunities and effect functional change to dramatically downsize their cost and improve the service delivery.

Performance Improvement

This Practice concentrates the experience our Executives have cumulated over the years working for Private Equity firms. In fact the life cycle of the Company requires distinct management solutions to move from a current situation to an improved one. This focus on the specific leadership requirements is a major advantage because these experiences ensure speed and results...

Restructuring and Turnaround

Restructuring is a tough challenge for the entire Company.
Shareholders, Managers, Suppliers, Customers, Lenders, struggle every day with the difficulties due to some awful situations. Management is usually consumed to continue running the day-to-day operations of the Company, trying to implement any possible organizational...