Team orientation

We work as a team with the Company management, to reach the common target
Our team consists of a mix of high calibre practised/skilled CEO/CFOs and specialists with hands-on business experience. Our Professionals are seasoned Executives who have already accomplished to their personal Career Objectives, enjoyed top positions and reached major results. They do not like anymore to permanently join Companies because of the related legacies; they just want to demonstrate they can reach ambitious targets and wish to get well paid once they achieve the objectives.

They need to get satisfactions from what they do, they like to have some adrenalin running in their bodies and are quite happy to transfer their experiences to young Managers. The key ethical values linked with the rescue of distressed Companies are extremely important as well.

They have, as average, more than 25 years of experience in leading and managing businesses and complex situations, both in Italian and International Groups/Companies. Moreover our international network and their careers assure a strong client relationship across borders and some introduction to absolute level environments.

Their talent to understand clients businesses and specific requirements, when the Company or its divisions are underperforming or need to Improve Performances, ensure to solve creatively organizational and project related issues to achieve major goals.

Most of them have already closely worked together and with some Duke&Kay founders, whose profile is absolutely similar, as well as per our Managing Partner, Maurizio Ria.