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5 November 2020
A dozen companies from various sectors and members of AmCham France, in collaboration with ESSEC Business School, met and reflected on best practices and inspiring success stories to move our companies forward and define the future of work deeply rooted in sustainability. The role of the leader is becoming crucial in supporting the transformations of our companies while maintaining employee engagement. 12 recommendations dedicated to business transformation are revealed.
2 October 2020
EBA (European Bank Authority) has convened to discuss the new rules for the Lenders. This will influence the financial support to those companies affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns. It should be remembered that the availability of new finance is often a basic requirement for a recovery plan.
1 September 2020
The crisis as an opportunity for courageous transformation
23 July 2020
"As every crisis, also this one will offer opportunities. One of them is the chance to rethink tourism in a more long-term sustainable way".
22 May 2020
With this agreement Maurizio Ria allowed the banking group that supported the Targetti Group in its long crisis to recover much of the receivables. Ria is now engaged in the last phase of the project that is the valorization of the Tre Holding real estate assets.
21 May 2020
Maurizio Ria says: “This transaction is a further confirmation of our ability to restore to the banking system what it has given us by repaying a loan due even after years of crisis, while at the same time providing the possibility of supporting the Company to continue its mission in conditions of safety and profitability with dynamic and reliable partners. "....... Once again choosing the people with the right skills has enabled us to achieve the expected results ... "
20 May 2020
Today illimity announced the agreement with TRE Holding SpA, managed by Maurizio Ria - Managing Director Duke&Kay. This agreement allows the other 13 Banks, that supported the Targetti Group in its long period of crisis, to recover a large part of their loans, at the end of a process where TRE Holding systematically honored the agreed plans and covenants. As from today TRE Holding has a new strong partner to complete its mission. The above is the final stage of a long and hard preliminary work, completed despite the difficulties of Covid-19 situation, and was made possible by the high professional and human support of Pino Brugellis and Antonio Orlandi, members of the company BoD, by the Targetti family as well as by Mrs. Deborah De Icco (Studio DDI) and the lawyer Mr. Alessandro Gentili (Studio Gentili). Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible. Finally, a dedicated and appreciated thanks goes to them.
13 May 2020
“Il manager del cambiamento è abituato a scenari di incertezze che costituiscono l‘ordinarietà del quadro di riferimento in cui opera. Il suo ingresso in azienda può riportare nell’ “ordinario” quanto oggi è incerto”.
8 May 2020
“Per cogliere tutte le opportunità che si potrebbero creare in questa situazione di crisi sono determinanti i managers che dovranno gestire il cambiamento”
6 May 2020
“Ecco, ancora una volta la capacità e la sensibilità di percepire e ove possibile indirizzare il cambiamento, saranno le qualità dei managers di maggiore efficacia”