We are honest and absolutely transparent in our behaviors because this is the only way to collaborate and get the expected results

Services / Performance Improvement

This Practice concentrates the experience our Executives have cumulated over the years working for Private Equity firms.  In fact the life cycle of the Company requires distinct management solutions to move from a current situation to an improved one. This focus on the specific leadership requirements is a major advantage because these experiences ensure speed and results and, at the same time, guarantee a continuous operational performance transparency.

Moreover Duke&Kay cooperates with the most relevant Consultancy Firms to implement the guide lines identified in the development plans drawn. Our managers can participate the plan setting, by providing their long practical experience in operations for growth and development in specific market industries. Their deep business and functional expertise – combined with their pragmatism and focus on real outcomes – underlies their concrete reputation on the field for results.

Essentially we are those who act to translate business strategy into actions to increase productivity, competitiveness and performance, enabling an organization to successfully reach the identified objectives.

We work closely with the incumbent management to deliver the adequate level of margin improvements and build the capabilities to sustain these improvements. We support Companies to tackle complex Performance Improvement challenges, grow and realize value creation opportunities.

Because each circumstance is unique, our solutions are always tailored to the specific business context and needs, with actions that are realistic, achievable and, most important, sustainable.
Duke&Kay has a team of 52 experienced managers based on a specific assessment of the needs, combining industry and issues competence.

By doing the above, Duke&Kay never created overlaps with other Advisors; on the contrary, over these years, our Executives and Managers have successfully created valuable and effective cooperation with all  them, just delivering the identified recommendations of the agreed Plan.