We are honest and absolutely transparent in our behaviors because this is the only way to collaborate and get the expected results

About us / Our Approach

Duke&Kay doesn’t play a merely Consultant role.

Executives and Managers have the specific task to intervene (being experienced in managing companies in the specific industry of the Company) in a very close cooperation with the incumbent management. They drive as Executives the agreed Projects, till the objectives achievement.

In Business Transformation Duke&Kay provides to cover the whole process or any individual phase, team-working with any specialized advisors (i.e. Legal and Financial Advisors) and/or Accounting/TSA firms, without overlapping but enhancing clarity, focus and speed.

Hands-on, pragmatic and straight forward approach carried out worldwide has given Duke&Kay an unrivalled experience in managing complex projects.

To emphasize our practical approach, we share the risk with our Customers, in fact most of our Fees are Success Fees: it means we link our fees to the agreed objectives to be achieved.