Essentially we are those who act to translate business strategy into actions to increase productivity, competitiveness and performance, enabling an organization to successfully reach the identified objectives.

Why Duke&Kay rather than Consultancies

Duke&Kay has a team of 52 Industry Executives in Italy, with specific operational management expertise and absolutely skilled in Business Improvement and Turnaround.

Our Managers and Executives have successful documented first hand experience in Business Development, Performance Improvement and Restructuring & Turnaround.
Any Project Team composition is based on a specific assessment of the specific needs, combining industry and issue competences.
We take responsibility of the outcomes, leading, managing, cooperating and enhancing existing management. Moreover we team up with other Advisors and trusted Professionals to bring success to the deal/project.
We are cheaper than our Competitors because our Retainer Fees are based on our variable cost base; moreover we are used to share the project risk with our Customers, by linking our Success Fees to the agreed objectives to be achieved.



Metalcam, altra intesa con le banche. E 59 milioni di ripatrimonializzazione

Intervento di successo degli Executives Duke&Kay

procedure Concorsuali e Risanamento d'Impresa

SAF Scuola di specialità: I principi di redazione dei Piani di Risanamento

Gestione della crisi di impresa - “Il mercato dei NPLs tra domanda e offerta”

Articolo scritto da Maurizio Ria - coautore della ricerca con SDA Bocconi e Banca d'Italia - "Acquisire NPLs corporate e gestire il processo di risanamento: il ruolo del CRO"

Il Mercato dei NPLs tra domanda e offerta

30.03.2017 Evento Bocconi: Il Mercato dei NPLs tra domanda e offerta. Duke&Kay ha condotto la ricerca con SDA Bocconi e Banca d'Italia e prenderà parte alla tavola rotonda per affrontare il dibattito su alcuni temi chiave.