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Duke & Kay focuses on


This approach is in:

  • The selection of our Executives, involved in a typical Duke&Kay project
  • Management of Human Resources for “Client” companies

The Performance Improvement Projects and the Organizational Restructuring processes must be guided with "QUALITY" in order to lead change. Thus, Duke&Kay EXECUTIVES must be “Excellent”

  • both with regard to industrial skills, as they are directly involved in the companies’ activities,
  • both in terms of soft skills, as they live in the specific context and share the same culture, providing the right methodology to conduct projects and to drive the change.

The Search and Selection process of a Duke&Kay Executive, of an Interim Manager or of a Permanent Manager for key positions, must absolutely take into account the knowledge of the specific business sector and the soft skills required for the specific context.

For these reasons, the behavioural assessment of employees in a company or the Assessment of candidates are a fundamental step for a Team focused on achieving the goals; TTI Success Insights methodologies used by Duke&Kay are key tools to improve the productivity of employees, organizations and management teams




TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS distributed in over 90 countries and translated into 40 languages, is a panel of tools for the assessment, enhancement and correct classification of human resources in the company.

TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS tools make it possible to know the individual and the working team, then to intervene on the whole organization to enhance each single talent and obtain maximum success.

Analysis highlight behavioural preferences and give directions both on the personal system of values and the deepest motivations, explaining why a certain behaviour is adopted.

Behaviours, values and skills are based on emotional intelligence. Evaluating the level, we build the foundations of improving one’s own emotions’ management and the relationships with others, therefore performance at work.

TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS methodology, properly used by Certified Business Partners, provides a truly authentic picture of individual; a complete, valid and of quality analysis to achieve personal and company goals.




When to use the TTI Success Insights methodology.

  • Selection: Locate the right person in the right place
  • Training and Development: evaluating and enhancing the potential of employees
  • Management: better manage your workflow
  • Sale: improve sales processes