We are honest and absolutely transparent in our behaviors because this is the only way to collaborate and get the expected results


Excellence in Management
Duke&Kay is an Independent Company formed by Managers, specialized in solving critical business problems and leading complex situations thanks its exceptional managerial talent.
We are Managers, not Consultant, we are used to design and implement the agreed solutions till the objectives completion.

Our approach

Duke&Kay doesn’t play a merely Consultant role.
Executives and Managers have the specific task to intervene (being experienced in managing companies in the specific industry of the Company) in a very close cooperation with the incumbent management. They drive as Executives the agreed Projects, till the objectives achievement.

Why Duke&Kay rather than Consultancies

Duke&Kay has a team of 52 Industry Executives in Italy, with specific operational management expertise and absolutely skilled in Performance Improvement and Company Turnaround.
We act Our Managers and Executives have successful documented first hand experience in Business Development, Performance Improvement and Restructuring & Turnaround.